There are direct flights from Haneda, Sapporo, Sendai, Narita, Fukuoka and Naha to Komatsu airport.
Discount tour services that include round trip flights and hotel stays are availavle online.
From Komatsu, the airport LIMO takes you to Kanazawa city. The super express goes directly to Kanazawa Station.
The regular LIMO stops at Katamachi and Korinbo, which are close to the conference site (The Kanazawa Theatre).
There are frequent local buses from Kanazawa Station (w) to Hirosaka (L) or Hondamachi ({), which is closest to the conference site.
Search for appropriate local buses in the Hokutetsu website.
You may catch the local bus either at the East (gate #6 or #10 ) or West (gate #5) bus terminal in Kanazawa station.

I recommend you to catch a bus of #18, #92 or #94 from the gate 6 or 10 at the East bus terminal.
Time tables are as follows: 1. From Station to Hirosaka/Hondamachi, 2. From Hondamachi to Station, 3. From Hirosaka to Station.

This meeting is sponsored by Ishikawa prefecture, Kanazawa city and the Juzen medical society Image materials are provided by Kanazawa City