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Date: June 4th (14:20) - 6th (17:30) , 2014

Venue: The Kanazawa Theatre (̌)  Map Floor Map

Language: English and Japanese

Abstract submission and Registration:
  Abstract submission deadline, March 17th (Mon) *You must register when you submit an abstract
  Registration deadline, April 7th (Mon)

Presentation: Oral and Poster Presentations
  Young students can apply for Japanese oral presentations
  Oral presenters do not have to bring posters

Reception: from 19:00 on June 5th (Thu) at Kanazawa Excel Hotel Tokyu (GNZze})  Map

General Meeting: from 10:40 on June 6th (Fri) at the conference room (in Japanese)

Accommodation: Accommodation will not be provided. Hotel Map

Transportation: Details of transportation to Kanazawa

Event: Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival (S΍Ղ) June 6-8, 2014.


This meeting is sponsored by Ishikawa prefecture, Kanazawa city and the Juzen medical society Image materials are provided by Kanazawa City